Decades Of Criminal Defense Experience

Because the criminal justice process is intimidating, you'll want and need the most effective legal representation when charged with a crime. A conviction means possible jail time, fines and loss of your reputation. After an arrest, you'll worry about taking care of your family.

I take all matters regarding your freedom and reputation extremely seriously. My counsel helps you understand what the charges mean and what you're facing. When discussing your personal situation, I devote a great deal of time and effort to ensure that you receive a fair trial and the best possible defense.

Wide Variety Of Criminal Defense Representation

While my law office is located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, I represent clients throughout Pennsylvania. I've practiced law in Pennsylvania since 1973. My clients describe me as caring because of the efforts I devote to each case and because I don't judge what they may have done.

The types of criminal law cases I've provided representation for include:

  • Drug charges, including those involving manufacture and distribution of controlled substances
  • Sex crimes such as rape, statutory rape, sexual assault, sexting, child pornography and unlawful solicitation
  • Crimes involving child abuse, whether it's sexual or physical abuse
  • Computer crimes, including Internet fraud and identity theft matters
  • Juvenile delinquency and other criminal charges involving minors
  • Theft and burglary charges
  • White collar crimes, including embezzlement, credit card fraud or tax fraud
  • Major and minor traffic violations
  • DUI and other drunk driving charges
  • Violent crimes, including homicide, domestic violence, assault and robbery
  • Criminal appeals
  • Federal crimes
  • Expungements

As a lawyer, I understand the constitutional rights of those charged with crimes as well as the defenses to criminal charges. When working with juveniles or individuals suffering from neurological or emotional disorders, I put these clients in touch with professionals to help them with their personal issues. I know how to negotiate for the best possible deal and how to try cases in court.

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