Legal Representation In Homicide, Assault, Domestic Violence And Robbery Matters

Murder is the ultimate crime. You should expect your attorney to be experienced and dedicated to doing large amounts of work to save your life or avoid years of imprisonment whether it's at trial, appeal or post-conviction. Here are some cases I'm proud of [1].

  • Attempted Murder: My client's two companions accused him of shooting a young man. The victim said the shooter wore a gray sweatshirt. I subpoenaed the clothing of one of the accusers from the prison he was in. It showed he wore the sweatshirt on the night of the incident. Not guilty of attempted murder and aggravated assault.
  • Felony Murder: A jury convicted a young man of invading a drug dealer's apartment and murdering him. I appealed to the Supreme Court to show his trial wasn't fair. He received a new trial.
  • Murder: A young woman stabbed her father to death. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity.
  • Attempted Murder: A woman stabbed her husband twice in the chest, requiring emergency surgery to save his life. After presenting psychiatric testimony and many witnesses at sentencing, the Judge refused to follow sentencing guidelines that called for jail and sentenced her to what amounted to probation.
  • Simple Assault: A young man was charged with assault by his wife. After showing she had keyed his car and lied about the assault, he was acquitted.
  • Domestic Violence & Simple Assault: A teenage girl said her stepfather assaulted her. We showed the Judge this was a convenient excuse to move in with her boyfriend. The domestic violence and simple assault charges were dismissed.

Assault cases are mounting in divorce situations, where one spouse uses the charge to gain leverage in a property settlement or custody dispute. All too often, there's a settlement that is not satisfactory to the accused and leaves him or her open to more charges. Don't be quick to settle. A vigorous defense can spell the difference between agony and acquittal, whether it's in criminal court or domestic violence court. Get help now.

[1] Some of these cases were in the newspapers and can be seen on the "Noted Cases" page.